The AV Industry

In which market are we active?

Information, Infotainment, Presentation: Understandable communication through the optimal combination of technology and environment.

Professional AV or media technology is used wherever it is a matter of convincingly visualizing or making audible messages using permanently installed technology.

Hardly any public sector gets along without information and guidance systems. The internationalization and mobilization of the working world require audiovisual systems for the rapid collaboration of people in any place. Goods and services are advertised quickly and flexibly in the form of digital rollouts (digital signage) on public displays. Exhibitions, museums, adventure parks and theme worlds are given a new attractiveness and liveliness that appeals to all the senses of visitors through audiovisual interactive tools.

The market for professional media technology is still characterized by growth. For example, AVIXA, International Association of Manufacturers of Professional Media Technology, has presented the study "Industry Outlook and Trend Analysis" (IOTA).

The IOTA report forecasts a growth rate of 4% annually in Europe between 2017 and 2022. That's 23% more revenue than in 2016, or about $ 10 billion in 2022. 18% of this is in the German market.

Relevant topics to the AV industry will include: Streaming Media, Digital Cinema but also Cloud Services and Content Distribution as well as Videoconferencing and Collaborative Services.