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Over 20 years the editorial staff follows the development of the industry, keeps an eye on trends and innovations and is in constant contact with the market players. As a B2B magazine and mandatory reading for all market participants involved in the planning, installation and investment of AV technology, we write about all facets of audiovisual media technology installations in the various application areas such as: Congress centres, museums / theme parks, hotels / gastronomy, retail / POS, in public facilities such as railway stations and airports, schools, universities and private educational institutions, industry & commerce, banks, stadiums / sports facilities, etc. The editorial mix of case studies, features, interviews, surveys, overviews and tests reflects future market developments.

Multiplatform publishing and the digital transformation

Our digital strategy serves to generate the maximum reach in the respective niche markets using all available channels.

Reach means to attract as many as possible potential users from the respective subject area as users / readers for the content of PROFESSIONAL SYSTEM.

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