Lead Generation Campaign.

Successful lead generation creates contacts to potential customers who are demonstrably interested in the product. Sales can thus concentrate on those potential customers who already have a clear intention to buy. With the right lead management strategy, marketing activities also become more transparent and their contribution to the company's success measurable - for example through increased sales with new customers.

As part of a lead campaign, only the strengths of the product are communicated using content marketing, not advertising slogans.

Lead generation is conceived as a multi-stage campaign with flights that build on each other in terms of time. Display campaigns, advertorials, newsletter messages, B2B social media and stand-alone newsletters are coordinated and controlled according to the target group. All advertising media of the campaign are provided at no extra charge.

The complete configuration of the campaign, the control and filtering of the addresses are taken over by us.

Services: e.g. creation of an eDossier, accompanying advertising campaign via all relevant media, newsletter, SEO, hosting, delivery of leads. We will be happy to explain this campaign to you in detail.

Get to know the potential customer currently interested in your product: the promotion campaign with direct and measurable sales promotion. When generating leads, we market your solutions in the form of a white paper (eDossier) or webinars with an effective and efficient content marketing campaign.
In addition to the announcement of the benefits of your solutions, you will receive a monthly package with the latest leads filtered according to several factors, including permission for immediate telephone, electronic and written contact for your sales team.
With the exception of the white paper (a PDF with at least 4 pages), all advertising materials are provided by us.
We will be happy to make you an attractive offer including print ads, online advertising, newsletter banners, advertorials and stand-alone newsletters.
Price on request.