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Advertising Format Formats
Billboard 580 x 250 pixel for desktop
Price per week
1.       Position 415 Euro /week
2.       Position 395 Euro/week
3.       Position 375 Euro/week
4.       Position 345 Euro/week
Data format JPEG or GIF-Banner (no animated GIF-formats)
Data size Max. 50KB

Stand Alone Newsletter (Business Information)

A Stand Alone Newsletter in the "look and feel" of the editorial newsletter exclusively with your content and links.

The Stand Alone Newsletter addresses all registered or Community Newsletter users and will be sent on behalf of our website.

The Stand Alone newsletter contains only customer information (text, photos, video, display advertising) and may link to more information on the customer website or even to customer information within our websites.

On request we can provide you with editorial content, graphic services and our SEO team for the optimization of the newsletter.


With stand-alone mailing, you address your advertising message exclusively to up to 12,000 addresses.

Price 1.800 - 3.800 Euro