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Desktop left/ right 290 x 1080, width 1600 x 1080, recess 1020, Leaderboard 90 x 1020 pixel

Mobile 320 x 480 pixel

CPM : 249€ per portal


Desktop 980 x 250 pixel

Mobile 320 x 100 pixel

CPM: 199€ per portal


300 x 250 pixel

CPM: 149€ per portal


Desktop 160 x 600 pixel

Mobile 320 x 100 pixel

CPM: 159 € per portal


Half-Page Ad

300 x 600 pixel

CPM: 179 € per portal

Pushdown Billboard

CPM: 239 € per portal


Guaranteed range

The banner appears as often as agreed and guaranteed (number of ad impressions) in the corresponding period. In the case of page impressions that go beyond this, other banners can be delivered on the booked position. Thus it is possible that several banners appear alternately on one position.


All advertising material will be delivered in rotation. On request also exclusively possible.

Data delivery, advertising material

  • All banner formats up to max. 100 KB
  • Data formats: JPEG, GIF, HTML 5, Flash (in case of Flash please provide default GIF)
  • Delivery no later than 5 days before the campaign is first activated
  • Combined rates for the entire community (Run of Network) on request.

Online Advertorial.


Formats & Prices

Basic 1.500 characters (with spaces), max. 8 Pictures
(1.024 x 682 Pixel), Video, Link
1.480 Euro

You can find an example here

Featured Channel.

Create a branded theme page for your brand that is exclusively linked to your editorial content. Your business guide is the basis which will be refined which your content.

Your advantages:

All messages are visible on one page
Logo presentation on the homepage
Benefit from our SEO visibility
Filling the sidebar on the right with your own content e.g. integration of your social media channels, videos, picture galleries

12 months

Price 4.500 € including business guide entry

You can find an example here

Online Reporting.

The neutral evaluation is delivered by an advertising service provider at and is therefore objective. A campaign evaluation shows how often on which days a banner was displayed and at which time of day the most visual contacts were achieved. In addition an evaluation takes place after Browser, operating system and country.

"The objective evaluation is a very effective tool for the optimization of the marketing expenditures.

These three key performance indicators help you to measure the target achievement of the display campaign:

Ad impressions: the number of visual contacts with the advertising material. A display advertising medium is only shown when a user accesses the page.

Clicks: the reactions of the users to the advertising material. The user clicks on the banner or an additional link, e.g. in an advertorial, and is forwarded directly to the advertiser's offer page.

Click rate: the ratio of visual contacts (ad impressions) to actions (clicks or redirection of users).