Technical specifications

Information about printing

Magazine format: 213 x 280

Printing form: digital

Printing method: Offset

Information about multicolor displays

The possible waiver of the basic color black when creating multicolour displays has no influence on the calculation of the advertisements. If the additional colors on both sides of the magazine are used differently for formats with a bundle print, the calculation is made separately for each magazine page at the tariff prices applicable to the partial formats. Special colors of the shades, which can not be achieved by the combination of colors of the Euroscale used, require special agreement. Details on request. Low tone value deviations are due to the tolerance range of the offset method.

ad placements

Pledged placement requests then lose their validity if the required printing documents do not arrive at the printing deadline in the publisher.

Checklist file transfer

The checklist file transfer must be sent before each digital transmission or with a CD-ROM. Usually you will get a checklist with your order confirmation. You can also request a checklist by phone +49 (0) 2236 / 96217-78 or download it directly from the net at under the keyword "Print documents / Checklist" as PDF.


For the perfect processing and publication of digitally transmitted advertising templates, we only accept responsibility if our mentioned guidelines are adhered to. Data that does not comply with the guidelines may be rejected by the publisher. Unwanted print results, which can be attributed to a deviation of the customer from the guidelines, do not lead to a price reduction claim. Submitted data will be deleted after a period of 3 months after the advertisement has been published. In the case of transmission of data, which deviate from the above-mentioned technical data and lead to additional work, the publishing house can process these with an hourly rate of Euro 100, -. Warranty claims for obvious defects of an advertisement are excluded if they are not reported by the advertiser in writing to Musik Media an Unit of EBNER MEDIA GROUP GmbH & Co. KG within four weeks of the first day of sale.

Guidelines for the digital transmission of

Print documents

All Music Media Magazines: Keyboards, Guitar & Bass, Sound & Recording, Sticks (MI), Production Partners, Event Partners and Professional System (PRO) are all produced digitally. For this reason, only digital artwork can be used. Please observe the following guidelines so that error-free data transmission and thus an optimal print result can be guaranteed.

operating systems

  • Macintosh, PC


  • Adobe InDesign
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator

For the version of the respective program we use please call +49 (0) 2236 / 96217-78

Data formats / image data / compression

  • Image data: TIFF, EPS, JPEG, PDF (high resolution, printable)
  • Colors: cyan, magenta, yellow, black (EUROSKALA)
  • For perfect print quality, your halftone images should be scanned with at least 300 dpi.
  • For stroke images 1200 dpi (at least 600 dpi) are ideal.
  • All pixels used must not be compressed (JPEG / LZW compression).
  • However, the entire file (or collected items) can be packaged as a SEA, SIT, ZIP, or EXE (SEA) file.


Include all fonts, including logo and character fonts. Related files (layout, image, font files) must always be located within a directory / folder. A check of incoming data is guaranteed by us within one working day. If the data / files are not correct, you or the contact person mentioned to us will be informed immediately by the telephone number provided to us.

Before the transfer

ORDER: Make sure that the publisher has a corresponding advertisement order!

FAX: Please send us the CHECKLIST FILE TRANSFER and a binding printout.

For the Magazine Production Partner, Event Partner and Professional System at +49 (0) 2236/9 62 17-78.

PROOF: For color advertisements, please additionally include a color proof / proof:

Musik Media, an Unit of EBNER MEDIA GROUP GmbH & Co. KG

Marina Dedy

Emil-Hoffmann-Str. 13

D-50996 Cologne

CD-ROM: Please also send CD-ROMs directly to the publisher at the above mentioned address.

E-MAIL: (maximum 20 MB)

INTERNET: File transfer via browser: Under the address you have the opportunity to position your ads on our server.

Please follow the instructions of our ad system and be patient! Do not access the browser during the transfer, otherwise it will crash. Wait a minute