ProMediaNews is the news portal of the professional media, event and live communication industry.

The portal and the weekly newsletter cover trends, highlights, business and personalia from the extensive world of the cultural and creative industries. In addition to the daily updated information and the job market of the industry, also offers its readers high-quality specials, such as trade fair or event reports, interviews, product presentations and market analyses.

The unique selling point of is that it addresses the entire community in the subject areas of audio, lighting, video, IT, live communication, mice, system integration, creation and planning, building and security technology and broadcasting, among others. A key criterion for the community is above all the opportunity to take a look at other market segments and for companies to use this high-reach access for a campaign.

Job market

The job market enables you to reach the right applicants for every requirement profile. Target-oriented and fast from beginners to specialists. Benefit from the enormous reach that the job market achieves through our print magazines, trade fairs, events and partnerships with universities, training centers and associations.
Data size: PDF max. 1 MB
Costs / month / page: 490,00 Euro
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580 x 250 Pixel for desktop
1.  Position 420 Euro/week
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3. Position 380 Euro/week
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