Marcel Courth
+49 (731) 88005-2014

Marcel Courth has been working as an editor at MM-Musik-Media-Verlag since 2008 and since 2010 has also been the editor of the press portal The trained event trader and certified marketing specialist was previously mainly with PRODUCTION PARTNER, but since February 2018 he has taken over editor-in-chief from Dr. Ing. Walter Wehrhan at PROFESSIONAL SYSTEM and PRODUCTION PARTNER.


Helga Rouyer-Lüdecke
Vice editor-in-chief
+49 (731) 88005-2039

Since October 1999 Helga Rouyer-Lüdecke is the "Anchorwoman" at PROFESSIONAL SYSTEM. The curiosity about the development of audio / video technology and its application in all possible areas was and still is the big motivation for her work as a responsible editor. In other words: generate current and exciting topics and formats via AV system integration, accompany the specialist authors and write their own contributions. At industry events and online, she is the contact person for PROFESSIONAL SYSTEM and is looking forward to stimulating "input".


Detlef Hoepfner
Senior Editor
+49 (731) 88005-2036

Detlef Hoepfner has been familiar with his "live sound" theme since the late 1980s. Combined with his second foothold in the media and publishing industry, he was already involved in magazines such as PRODUCTION PARTNER and LICHT & TON FÜR BANDS, which he still accompanies and is responsible for. If you ask him, who lives with his family between Cologne and the Ruhr area in Wuppertal, to his greatest enthusiasm, it is difficult for him to decide whether he wants to be on the mixing desk or push ahead with online and print content production. In case of doubt, the change of scene into a small sailing dinghy will help him: in NRW and the district of Lauenburg, he is actively involved on the water to strengthen children and adolescents.


Sven Schuhen
+49 (731) 88005-2042

Sven Schuhen has been an editor for PROFESSIONAL SYSTEM since October 2018. Many readers will already know Sven as an expert author of features, practical tests and basic articles, especially on AV-over-IP. And that's no coincidence, because Sven Schuhen comes from the industry: The trained event technician and electrical engineer with a degree in "optical technologies" previously worked as an independent specialist planner for event and media technology. At PROFESSIONAL SYSTEM, his affinity for new media is a breath of fresh air.



Christiane Bangert – Freelance Author

Christiane Bangert's professional career includes working as a sound, lighting and projection technician, technical manager and in the production of loudspeakers. This was followed by the study of electrical engineering, the diploma (FH) and the degree Master of Event Technology. In addition to her work as an engineer and acoustician, she writes articles for the Musik Media Verlag, especially for PROFESSIONAL SYSTEM with a focus on room and electroacoustics and AV networks.


Helmut Burmeier – Freelance Author

More than 20 years responsibility for sales and marketing of media technology products in the service of the Japanese manufacturer Sharp have shaped the career path of Helmut Burmeier. With the transition to early retirement, networks and experiences have remained unchanged; the perspective has changed: in the past, in the past, the focus was on the effect on sales success in all its activities, today it is the journalistic objectivity. Helmut Burmeier has been writing for PROFESSIONAL SYSTEM since 2011. His areas of expertise include digital signage, market developments, distribution structures, skills shortages and case studies with a focus on large screen applications.


Anselm Goertz – Freelance Author

A PhD in electrical engineering specializing in technical acoustics, PROFESSIONAL SYSTEM has been a recognized audio specialist since the very beginning. He has this reputation u. a. in his company Audio & Acoustics Consulting (AAC) Aachen and in the working group IFAA (Institute for Acoustics and Audio Technology), a merger with the Ing. Office of Prof. Schmitz (TAC), Dr. med. Acquired Makarski and AAC. He is responsible for planning and project management in all aspects of electrical and room acoustics as well as development, measurement technology, project planning and training for acoustics and professional audio technology. Main topics of PROFESSIONAL SYSTEM are tests with detailed measurements and basic articles on electrical and room acoustics.


Achim Hannemann – Freelance Author

Achim Hannemann is considered a pioneer in digital signage. He was managing director of Infoscreen Development, where he built the first major DS network in subway and ICE stations. As Managing Director of Screen New Technologies, he has developed Sunlight-resistant Sunlight Screens. Currently, Achim Hannemann works as a consultant and planner for digital signage and media technology projects.


Jörg Küster – Freelance Author

Jörg Küster has been working as a freelancer for MM-Musik-Media-Verlag since 1992. The passionate photographer has been reporting regularly for PROFESSIONAL SYSTEM since the first edition. As a certified audio engineer, he focuses on the topic of sound.


Markus Tischner – Freelance Author

Markus Tischner is a filmmaker, marketing expert and journalist. He has been writing for MM-Musikmedia-Verlag since 2005. His range of topics ranges from digital signage and media technology installations, to marketing-oriented industry considerations, to practical checks of software and hardware products in words, pictures and films. He not only looks through the technology, but also the marketing glasses and shows how AV installers can benefit from the presented technologies.


Thomas Zahn – Freelance Author

As a full-service provider with its agency Superlengths, Thomas Zahn has been working as a sound engineer, sound designer and specialist planner in almost all areas of good sound for many years. His activities include the production of audio content of all kinds as well as the sound design for live productions of all kinds, as well as technical planning and consulting in matters of sound and media technology as well as the topic of technical documentation. At PROFESSIONAL SYSTEM he writes for audio.


Richard Meusers – Freelance Author

"Netzwelt" is one of the professional pillars of online journalist Richard Meuser. For years he has regularly been contributing to the eponymous rubric at "Spiegel Online". At PROFESSI-ONAL SYSTEM, Richard Meusers deals with the peculiarities of IT networks, which are relevant for unified communications and thus increasingly also for networked AV technology in working environments. He also highlights the latest trends in safety technology.

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