Our Target Group

Get to know our target group in person!

Needs of the target group

  • Knowledge about new products
  • Industry Information
  • Background on companies and manufacturers
  • Qualitative statements about devices
  • Technical knowledge and technology trends
  • Information about other projects (How do other colleagues work / Which devices do they use / How are the devices used)
  • Basics / tips on equipment (especially for career starters)
  • Basics / Tips on techniques and practical use (especially for young professionals)


Personas help us to better understand the respective target group

Personas are a great fit for content marketing because they relate to the needs and issues of our audiences. It is exclusively about the target groups, or the sub-target groups that are represented by the persona and not about wishful thinking, e.g. by the advertiser. What does the target audience expect for information and how can we attract, retain and monetize them as readers or users?

What is a persona?

The persona is a fictitious, data-driven person who represents a homogenous audience and is animated with numerous details to illustrate the needs and demands of content.

Bernd Betreiber
"AV technology for my requirements"

Technology to increase and develop the needs of his company

Guarantee a smooth running of his business

Encourage colleagues for innovative ideas

Make choices and make recommendations for financial and strategic decisions (such as attracting new technology)

Florian Fachplaner
"Technically up to date"

Stay up-to-date on technical possibilities

Competency problem, as building and media technology or AV and IT technology grow together more and more

Dominik Distributor-Hersteller
"Having an eye on innovative products"

Always be one step ahead of the market and identify the future potential

Create relevance for the customers

Customer loyalty

Simon Systemintegrator
"Smooth integration"

Successful training of employees with regard to future developments in the industry

Trade communication, due to the increasingly tighter scheduling of construction sites

(Too) fast growth of the industry -> you can hardly follow with your own development

Find suitable staff

Nico Nachwuchs
"Opportunities and opportunities"

Get an overview of the job opportunities in the industry

Find content entry into the industry and recognize current trends

Establish practical relevance to the learned theory

Build relationships with the AV industry

The peculiarity of this market generates diverse reader and user profiles, from different areas such as: audio, video, lighting and electrical engineering, building and security technology and IT.

Core target groups are planners, installers and operators of fixed media technology installations.